Smart phone?

Hehe.. so, my loving husband caved and finally bought me a smart phone and now I have a blogger app. So maybe now that I have a blogger app and a really fun camera app, Maybe I will start actually blogging again. So, for my newfound narcissism, I offer this fun picture of my living room. I love black and white photography, so I may offer a new photo every time I post a new blog. Seems like a good idea anyway.

I really don't have anything witty or important to say. I don't expect anybody to really read this. It will just be random stuff that I find amusing or whatever. Maybe I will write about amusing news. Maybe I will post funny YouTube videos. Maybe I will even write about my writing. One never knows.... but I will always try to add a picture.

If you're still reading... thank you. I hope I can keep up with this better.


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Scott said...

And the next thing I know, someone starts shouting and running in circles around an ice cream cone that fell on the ground. It seemed kind of odd. But, then again, odd is liberally used to flavor this place. As I was turning away in outright dismissal of this peculiar scene, the ground beneath the ice cream cone started rumbling. I turn back just in time to see the shouting man has transformed into a huge chocolate sundae, and he's using the cone like a magic wand to...

Ya gotta love black and white pictures. [=

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