The Artist's Way

Starting up the Artist's Way again. I plan on putting my responses here to the exercises, but still hand writing my Morning Pages, like a good girl.  At least this way I will have something to post in this blog.  I will put the more "personal" stuff in my morning pages, but if you want to come along, or join me, the program is called "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron and I'm re-doing the first book for like.. the third time, but I need to make this my own program.  It's a 12 week long program about finding your creativity and your spirituality.  It should be fun.

Anyway.. here goes nothing.  I also plan on keeping up my blog at Weighting in the Deep End, which will be about weight loss and food and diets and yummy stuff that I find that is healthy (and not so healthy).

Now that I have the summer off, I should start doing this daily. Maybe.  I can dedicate a couple hours (or less probably) of the day to myself.  And hey, maybe I'll have more actual creative writing to post here as well!

Love to all,




Garbage by ToryLynn

I moved in here months ago
But I couldn't bear to do this
Go through the old memories
Throwing you away.

It has taken me this long
To settle into acceptance
That my life has utterly changed
And I am rid of you.

I tuck away a few precious things
But in bulk, things must go away
And I have moved on
And so must the things I have accumulated.

The bag of stuffed animals,
The old clothes that no longer fit
The papers, the dust, the accountrement,
The meanings that no longer mean anything,

And here I sit,
In the middle of the mess
that you left behind.
Throwing away memories

To make new ones better.