Good blog

Saw this on a blog and it made me laugh:

Hopkins: Ah, Ben! I want you to see some cards I'd gone and had printed up. Oughta save everybody here a lot of time and effort, considering the epidemic of bad disposition that's been going on around here lately. "Dear Sir, you are without any doubt, a rogue, a rascal, a villain, a thief, a scoundrel, and a mean, dirty, stinking, sniveling, sneaking, pimping, pocket-picking, thrice double-damned no-good son of a bitch." and you sign your name -- what do you think? 

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: I'll take a dozen, right now.

~1776 Musical~

It comes from here  http://www.ambrosiasinkrack.com/2010/02/ink-review-noodlers-tiananmen.html

I will update someday soon.  I am trying.  Problem is.. Life keeps getting in the way.  I have this whole thing working in my head about the theater I recently inherited.