Ok.. Middle of the Second Week.. some word counts are lagging, some plots are in question and your ML has been missing ALL WEEK LONG!!!  What in the world are you going to do?
My solution... keep going! Keep it up! You can do it! Even if you 1000 words, that is 1000 less you have to write... 49,000 to go, right?  17 days to go (counting the little big left of today). That is less than 3000 words a day! You can do that! That's.. 300 words every hour for 10 hours. We spend 16 hours awake, so you would have 6 hours all to yourself for eating and working!  That's EASY!
If you need some inspiration, send up a signal flare here, and we'll get right on the inspiring.  We have access to websites that have awesome writing podcasts (I personally had recommended to me Writing Excuses and I love it. Google it for amazing writing advice and ideas in 15 minute chunks). We also have writing prompts, challenges, word wars and a myriad of other things, or.. you know, propose a get together. You never know who could be out there in the middle of the day, wandering through life's loneliness just looking to reach out and find someone to share words with!  You can do it!
Just remember, this is a journey that is taken one step and one word at a time.  You are not alone and while the final word count may seem daunting, 300 words seems like a piece of cake... so go.. write your 300 words and then do it again... and again.. and again.... Go ahead... we'll be here when you get back to celebrate!
Love lollipops and lots of words!