Halloween Poem by Sabra McGovern

Mummies, ghouls, haunts and spirits-
They got nothing, compared to you.
You make my heart beat;
You make my knees weak;
You may my poor hands shake too!

When you climbed into my life I tried not to fight
This feeling of unexplainable dread
But now I can't stop
My eyes want to pop
And now I'm on top of my bed.

Please, I'll do anything, just go away
Stop crawling on top of my mat
I guess I will stay here
Shaking with fear,
All just because of a rat!


Sabra's Poetry

The character for my new novel, Witch, has started to write poetry... in my head.  And so I'm going to leave these here to just.. be.

by Sabra McGovern

Beauty walks on glass
The careful steps to make it right
The painful process where we
straighten something curly
Curl something straight, 
Oil something dry, 
Use potions to try out
Prick and poke and pluck and paint
Just to feel
That things can make us perfect
Without realizing perfection
Is just the way we are
And beauty is attitude
Not skin.

by Sabra McGovern

I pray that you give me strength
to not kill the moron who
sits in front of me in English; 
to overcome that feeling that
I get where my hand tightens,
and my fist curls, and my body
tenses as he guffaws at the
moron who has stuck an "I'm
gay" sign to the back of a friend
in front of him.

I pray that you give me bravery to
stand up in front of the class
and instead of assaulting this
pudgy faced moron in front of me
with hands
I can assault them with words; 
words that will shame him and blame him
for making the kid who sits in the corner
squirm with embarrassment
because he's too offended to say "Hey, I'm gay
and that shouldn't be an insult."

I pray that you give me peace
to take on the chorus of 
voices that cry out against my opinions
that say it is just a word
that say it is just a word that
we use in fun..."It just means happy....right?
Right, in the same way that  nigger just means 
black person and WOP is just an Italian guy.
A slur is a slur, sir, and words can hurt.

I pray that you give me the wisdom to show that
while a knife or a gun
can break my skin
a word is a weapon
that breaks the spirit
which can be even more deadly.