Garbage by ToryLynn

I moved in here months ago
But I couldn't bear to do this
Go through the old memories
Throwing you away.

It has taken me this long
To settle into acceptance
That my life has utterly changed
And I am rid of you.

I tuck away a few precious things
But in bulk, things must go away
And I have moved on
And so must the things I have accumulated.

The bag of stuffed animals,
The old clothes that no longer fit
The papers, the dust, the accountrement,
The meanings that no longer mean anything,

And here I sit,
In the middle of the mess
that you left behind.
Throwing away memories

To make new ones better.

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Gina said...

Oh how I can relate to this... it is so hard, going through the flotsam of life and deciding what to keep. Some things I put in a pile for him, and then thought "he won't want this either, too painful" and then into the "other" pile it went. I let Nikki go through it and see if she wanted any of it, and asked her to please discard what she did not want... but darnit it was hard.

I love you. I am glad you are finding your happiness.

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