LOOK!!! I made my bed.

Spent a long night not sleeping well,  so I cleaned most of my bedroom and made my bed this morning. My mom would be so proud.

I hate to clean. Not my strongest point. My family, specifically my mom and sister, are nearly OCD neat freaks. I missed that genetic defect. I love them both dearly and they have excellent taste in decorating, but in my opinion, nobody is going to think less of me if there is dust on my furniture. If they do judge me by my dust, then they really don't need to be in my house. I hate chores and never developed those time consuming habits that take me away from writing the great American novel or throwing myself into great literature (... or hanging out in Second Life or watching Mythbusters or killing orcs in LOTRO). I have better things to do than clean.

My darling wonderful husband usually point out that I only clean when I am upset. He has a point. When I need to think things over, a good load of dishes or making the bed really helps to clear my mind. That means I either stay in a thoughtful upset mood if want a clean house, or deal with a messy house. I like being happy. I will live with the mess.

Incidentally, studies show that making your bed actually encourages dust mites and bed bugs who like the warm pockets of air that a good made bed offers. So... discourage bugs.. and don't make your bed.

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