Review of March by Geraldine Brooks

One of the best written historical novels that I have ever read. Historical fiction has never really been my forte, but a recent interest in the Civil War has caught my attention, and this book was recommended during a short story discussion, so I thought to pick it up on my Reader and take a look. Lately, I haven't been reading very quickly (a vampire romance novel goes fast, but anything else creeps), however this novel went quickly for me. The pace and the story had me up at night wanting to know what happened to Mr. March next. The story takes one of the classic books written by a superb American writer, Louisa May Alcott, and pulls an absent character, the father, out into a fully realized person, who comes with his own guilt, his own background, and his own moral and mental wounds. Definitely a wonderful book and highly recommended! I know why it won the Pulitzer. It is great.

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