Researching to Write

Overwhelmingly enough, I have decided to start writing a Civil War novel... so I am eyeball deep in artillery and armies decked out in blue and grey and.. butternut? I am learning all sorts of new things lately.

Anyway.. here is a new poem that I wrote for the Blue Angel.

Love Song to Autumn
by ToryLynn

The first tinge of gold
At the edges of the willow tree
Bring the idea of autumn
And the crisp apples
Blush, dropping from the tree
Languishing for the harvest.

The autumn of life
Is the best season
The fruit so ripe and willing;
Knowledge dripping
Off the vine

Truth lives in this golden time
When lies are no longer necessary
Free to love what lives
Looking towards death.

Sitting back, sipping the cool tea
Commenting on the winter
we bathe in life.

And don't look towards
The death

That is coming.

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